Things I've Learned

1. Having the theme song from Beauty & the Beast stuck in your head...can drive you nuts! 

2. I am incapable of obtaining a close shave on my knobby knee caps.

3. Progesterone suppositories suck.

4. It's impossible to eat when you don't stop talking.

5. I might just be addicted to cable TV.

7. There are pregnant women everywhere. Have they always been there?

8. Indian food never fails me. Ever.

9. Waking up at exactly 3 am every night for the last

10. I always fall victim to the charms of something at the bookstore.

11. Fun Dip is always

12. Yes, at 36 you can still eat the candy of your childhood! 

13. Eating an entire pack of Fun Dip might start out well but will end badly.

14. You really can eat a half dozen tomatoes from the garden in one sitting.

15. I can be happy with "not" rock climbing.

16. Two weeks is a long time. 

17. A picture of your embryos is amazing & you can look at it a thousand times. 

18. I am stronger than I thought I was.

19. Love is grand.

20. Home is my very favorite.


  1. Great list!!!! I love fun dip!! :)

    Annnnnnd now I , too have the Beauty and the Beast song stuck in my head! Thanks =)


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