Today is 3dp3dt.

How does it feel to be PUPO - pregnant until proven otherwise for my non IVF family & friends - To be perfectly honest...I am not too sure. Since coming home last Friday, life has been a bit of a whirlwind and with both of us returning to work today...it's been pretty busy...which is good I suppose. Busy always seems to make time go by faster doesn't it?

My biggest issue - tired...the OMG I just got out of bed and am already thinking about going back to bed. That would be great if when I get into bed I could a) fall asleep and b) stay asleep once I do. It's quite sad really. Perhaps just a reaction to the past few weeks of pent up worry, excitement, anxiety? Or perhaps from the Estrace and Progesterone? Makes no matter I suppose...just hope it stops and sleep and I become good friends once again!

I'd Rather Be Sleeping by Ashleyg via Etsy

Hope your Monday has been "restful.


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