Free Time...Is It A Bad Thing?

Yesterday I had some blood work done - LH <1, Progesterone 190.8 & Estradiol 3,760 - which my RE assured me were all good! I'm now 6 dp3dt and yes...the 2ww is torture! Anywho...As I was sitting at the clinic I noticed the pain scale chart on the wall. You've probably seen some version of that chart before. You may also have noticed how inadequate it is at helping you. Based on the faces, this is my interpretation of the chart:

0: Haha! I’m not wearing any pants!
2: Awesome! Someone just offered me a free hot dog!
4: Huh. I never knew that about giraffes.
6: I’m sorry about your cat, but can we talk about something else now? I’m bored.
8: The ice cream I bought barely has any cookie dough chunks in it. This is not what I expected and I am disappointed.
10:You hurt my feelings and now I’m crying!
In my defense, I was at the clinic for about an hour and I did have a lot of free time on my hands. A girl has a right to entertain herself...don't judge!
Happy it August 19th yet?


  1. These charts annoy me! I always think- why would I be in here if I was a 0 or 2? I love your interpretation!

  2. I like "0" the best !


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