Am I The Only One?

Nine days until Christmas and I have purchased one...yes, you heard gift. Everyone that I've asked and I have asked a lot of people in the hopes that I would find someone just like me but no...they are all ready for Christmas. They even have every gift wrapped and ready and I've purchased one. I have to ask...Am I the only one that isn't ready for Christmas?

I was bound and determined to brave the mall last night and get most of my shopping done. Needless to say my trip ended in failure. I did however buy a new curling iron that I needed (wanted) which brings me to this... 

I don’t know who thought that plastic molding around the desired object and then crimped it shut to an inseparable oblivion all the way around was a good idea but let me just say it was an awful idea...awful! No matter if you have scissors or not, which you usually don’t…. You’re guaranteed an embarrassing injury that begs the discussion about how horrible this plastic packaging is. Plastic my friends isn't as recycle-friendly as other consumer products like… oh say a cardboard box. But plastic that will spend eternity in a land fill is a better alternative. Especially when that plastic rips your hands apart and makes you resort to looking like a three year-old trying to open a package. Whoever invented that plastic should go to hell. And also, that packaging should be illegal! <end plastic rant>

In addition to today marking nine days until Christmas it also marks 8dp3dt and in the holiday spirit I'll sing a little song about it. *shoulders back, head held hight, deep breath* 

"On the 8th day of my 3 day transfer my true love gave to me...three middle of the night trips to the loo and a 4:30 am hungry tummy wake up calllllll!"

Christmas Cheer by Mod Printables via Etsy

Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. I have ONE present wrapped under the tree. ONE. I have purchased many stocking things, but they go in a stocking. I have bought nothing for any of my relatives. And we don't have the one big gift that goes under the tree purchased for our twins. If the stuff I've ordered doesn't come in on time, we're toast. Aaaaarg!!!!! Bring on the crazy! )

    Getting up to pee and eat are great signs. I hope you get those two lines under the tree :)


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