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It's no secret that Adam and I have been undergoing infertility treatments. I've kept the news from work but most of our family and friends know. What I'm discovering though is that friends of friends of friends now know and that's cool...I've got nothing to hide. I'm not embarrassed that we are having this struggle. If someone wants to ask about IVF and our treatments, I'm usually pretty open and honest. There have been some pretty interesting questions asked and certainly a number of opinions and comments directed my way. It's December 1st today and so in the spirit of are just a few of the questions & comments I have been asked and have received (as well as my inside voice response)...
Enjoy your last year of freedom. Thanks for the wise advice because all these migraines, bloat, constipation, abstaining from alcohol, medications and everything else has been so fun and fancy-free.
You’re just hormonal.
Really? I’ll be sure to report those as your final words.
Sleep now because you won’t get any when you have a  baby. It’s cool. I don’t sleep now anyway. I creep around outside other people’s windows watching them sleep! You do the cutest little thing when you’re dreaming.
What would you like to have when you finally get pregnant, a boy or a girl? I was hoping for a giraffe that will poop diamonds but I guess a human might be fun too.
So if you get pregnant, you'll be due in August? You’re going to be so hot all summer! Captainobvioussayswhat??
Are you ready to be a parent?  I’m totally ready. I drink a lot.

What about you...Has anyone given you unwanted advice, shared their opinions or asked uncomfortable questions?


  1. People are idiots! My husband was once asked by one of our friends (after explaining that he'd be giving me injections) if we'd still get pregnant the "normal" way, because jabbing needles into your spouse is totally normal. Effing idiot!

  2. bwahaa haa! You've got to laugh...because if you don't, you'll just end up hitting somebody. ;)

    What, you haven't gotten the "Aren't you afraid you'll end up with 6 kids like that octomom? question yet?

    Enjoy the last year of your freedom, and make sure you get plenty of sleep...because you can store sleep in your cells for future use. ;)

  3. When their child plays up and they look at me go are you sure you really want this? Shits me no end. And the sleeping in comment. I'd rather get up for a baby than the sound of my heart beating so loudly for fear of failure. Douche bags!

  4. So they said these things to you and you let them live... I am quite impressed! My fingers are crossed for you and Adam!!

  5. Let's see...
    "Enjoy the baby making part, because once you get pregnant and have the baby your sex life will never be the same" (Yes, I'm really enjoying my daily interludes with the u/s wand and having things shoved through my cervix -I'm sure I'll miss that down the road).
    "Once you have kids, your life will change forever" (yep, that's the whole point of this exercise, isn't it?).
    "Do you have a birth plan?" (yes, to bring home a live baby).
    "Make sure you use birth control while breastfeeding, or you'll end up with a surprise" (thanks, but I think we'll be OK in that regard)
    "Don't worry about the doctor and whole team of people seeing your exposed parts during the birth" (Ha, I've already lost every shred of modestly I had, besides there will be less people at the delivery than there were are the conception).


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