Dear Embryo(s), You Are Cordially Invited To Implant

Today our embyros are 1 week old (4dp3dt). They are hopefully hatching and starting to think about implanting in the next day or two. Maybe if I'm polite to them, they will stick around? Please, please dear sweet embryos, implant. I'll be good to you...I promise. 

What I am certain about today is that I am losing me ever lovin head! I just feel...hmmm...not all there and while that isn't terribly surprising if you know me...I'm a little more "not there" than usual. Perfect example...while making our lovely GingerDead men last I caught my middle finger in one of the beaters. Just how did I mange to do that you ask? I plugged the mixer in first (mistake #1), put one beater in the wrong slot (mistake #2), somehow managed to slide my finger through the beater (mistake #3) and then tried with the other hand to hit the eject button (mistake #4). Instead of hitting eject I turned it on! Thankfully my finger is still attached...just a wee bit tender. Good thing...I need that finger. The others I could make so without but not that one...that one I need!

Today I went back to work after three days off and while I’m here, I’m not really here so I'm getting practically no work done today.  The illusion here is that people only do about 10% of work and spend 90% of their time making it LOOK like they're getting something done. ;) Which is good for me on days like this but not good when I do care about work.  *sigh*

Instead of working I was cruising Etsy and found this...

Monster Got a Pet Bunny by Bike Parts via Etsy

Happy Monday to you.


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