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Today is 11dp3dt. 

Do I think that I am pregnant? Honestly...I have no earthly idea! I've not been feeling much in the way of anything that I can attribute to be being pregnant. The only thing that I have noticed is that for the past few days I have had zero appetite..none, nada, zilch. Perfect example...I've had a chocolate bar in my purse for a week that I thought I'd have last night with a cup of tea. One bite in and I was done...so disappointing. Sweets and I always get along...always! This doesn't bode well for all of the Christmas treats that I have planned on consuming this week *gasp* Adam's Mom makes the best gingerbread men (there has been fights over these guys) and I look forward to them every Christmas. I've put them on notice that they can run but they can't hide from me when I get there...looks like they might be safe!

Throughout this whole process I have been very open to people asking questions about the process as most have no idea what's involved with IVF, I certainly didn't! I have been asked some odd questions for sure but the one that I was asked today was just plain funny.

Question: Have you had any surprise vaginal ultrasounds?

I was kind of at a loss so I just stared and after an awkard pause I answered "Ummm, no"  but what I was really thinking was...It's really not the kind of thing that sneaks up on you. Surprise birthday party, sure.  (Dude, you totally should have been at my 18th.) Surprise pregnancy, you bet, not that I'd know.  But surprise cold-plastic-dildo-with-a-camera-on-the-end-sheathed-in-a-condom- and-shoved-halfway-to-paradise?  Not so much.

Ohhh Surprises by Lauren Strom via Etsy

Two more days until beta...I can do this. 


  1. Oh my! I think I had a surprise vaginal ultrasound just the other day. A fellow wearing a white coat was standing behind me at the checkout line and I felt a draft and then a strange yet familiar vaginal sensation...

  2. I'm thinking positively for you, so I'm going with YES! As for surprise vaginal ultrasounds... wow. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Surprise u/s! LOL.

    How are your breasts? Are you sleepy? Those were my first symptom -although I only realized that in hindsight. About a week after beta I started to get nausea and an aversion to chocolate, so you never know you might be onto something with the lack of appetite.

  4. wow - what a funny question!

    Wednesday will be here soon! I am keeping my fingers crossed for us both!

  5. Taryn - A little tired but definitely no sore/tender breasts which is funny because in both of my BFN cycles they were...weird!

    Tomorrow we'll know!


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