Thirty Two

I was able to get a repeat beta drawn today and got the call a few hours ago that it came back at 32. One week ago it was 43. I'm now the proud owner of a chemical pregnancy. I would have rather gotten a unicorn that poops rainbows but I guess I'll have to settle for a chemical pregnancy. In light of today's news...I have a message...

Dear Karma Fairy,

I was not an evil dictator in a past life. I have evidence of this. Please stop dishing me up their punishments. I can’t handle and I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve any more of this and I’m not a terrible person. (I might also have evidence of this.) Ask Santa, he seemed to think that I was worthy of the nice list..he'll put in a good word for me. Please take this under consideration.

Kind regards,

There is an upswing to this...No more drugs. No more progesterone suppositories, laying waste to my unfortunate, defenseless underpants. The poor things have been though enough! No more hormone fueled outbursts and perhaps I'll actually start sleeping though the night again. There's always a good side to everything...I'm going to try my very best to remember that.

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  1. this sucks beyond anything. i am so very sorry.

  2. I'm sick of 2011 dragging so many bloggers through the mud :( There is a bright side to everything, but I'm having a tough time finding it these days. I hope that 2012 is kinder to all of us.

  3. Boooo....that sucks :( so sorry girl!

  4. Janet,
    Please know you are not alone . I found out yesterday that I should expect to miscarry w a chemical pregnancy. My husband and I have been going through years of infertility treatments and have had miscarriages with previous treatments. It's hard to swallow. Devastation. Heartache. And the rest of the world keeps moving while yours is left in shambles and no one seems to notice. I think it would have been easier to take a negative result rather than one that is positive and then ripped from your heart taking the rest of your insides with it.

  5. Thank you all for the amazing helps more than you know!

    Ash - I am so very sorry that you are going through the same thing. I too am just waiting to miscarry and it's awful. ((HUGS)) to us both.

  6. Oh I'm so sorry it's a chemical. Just catching up and there are no words really.. it's not fair, not at all.


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