Holding Onto Hope

Beta is bright and early tomorrow morning. It's been quite a journey to get to this point. Along the way I have discovered some good and bad things about myself but what I do know is that I have tried my very best to hold onto hope and stay optimistic. 

Tomorrow is going to be what tomorrow will be.

Hope by Little Light Creative via Etsy


  1. Good luck. Tomoroow is a good day I can feel it.

  2. I have huge amounts of hope for you tomorrow! I can't wait to hear :)

  3. GL tomorrow, did you take a HPT?

  4. ohhh Janet I will be checking this non stop today. thinking of you.

  5. So I have been stalking you like a mad woman... have been at work last night checking like crazy... just figured out my darn sign in...whilst trying to make a new account.. go figure.

    I am dying here Janet.... i am so hoping for you and Adam that is is positive...



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