7dp3dt - Just checking in to report that I feel physically fine, just tired.  Absolutely zero issues beyond fatigue and frequent urination.  No cramps, no bloating, no sore bbs, no pulling in the abdomen, no flutters, no super human smelling, or whatever.  Nada. Speaking of urination (cause who doesn't love talking about that?) never in a million years did I think I would be telling the internets about my bodily functions the way that I have these past few months. I wonder if that's why my friends look at me funny when they see me now? Are they using their inside voice screaming "Too much information Janet...too much"?
What I DO have is copious amounts of discharge from the Progesterone suppositories.  Lovely, eh? I try to be diligent that the doses happen every 8 hours and they usually do, give or take 30 minutes or so.  Either way, I end up with enough chalk in my drawers to fill the desks of a whole class of Algebra students. Fun eh? Should I have talked about my urination instead?
I wish I could just shut off my mind.  Sitting here at my desk all day at work does me no favors.  It’s really slow right now and I have TONS of time to just think.  Like a captive audience.  I just wish I could go out and distract myself somehow. I wish I could talk to my girls about all this, but they are in such different places it just ends up being me emotionally vomiting all over them.  Who wants that?  And what would that accomplish anyway?  Just me getting myself worked up again and them playing diligent listener.  What good does that do?  There isn't much new ground to break here. 
In the meantime, I will do my best to hang in there. 6 days until beta.
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  1. It is way too early to give up hope. I've still got my fingers crossed for you! XXX

  2. I hear ya on the progesterone thing... GROSS! My body does this really fun thing where it decides it's done with whatever is left of the supp. like clockwork 2 hours before the next dose. It then proceeds to spit it out, not only is it gross, but the feeling is horrid! Too much information? I'm sorry, I lost my filter somewhere around IF year 1.75!

  3. Thanks Chickenpig! xx

    Christi - there anything as too much information while undergoing fertility treatments? :) How's the 2WW been treating you?


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