Christmas Cheer?...Not Even Close

One week until Christmas. Why is it that the Christmas spirit just hasn't found me yet?

Perhaps another frozen embryo cycle, a car accident, insurance hell and work has something to do with it? I did try my very best to find it tonight while I was out shopping (FYI - shopping after 7 pm on a Saturday is a much better option than the middle of the day) but it has eluded me once again. Why? Likely the stress of my life but it's also because of people. I just don't understand why at this time of the year people have the ability to be extra rude and disrespectful to those serving them and to other customers. It's appalling really and makes me quite sad. Is it really that difficult to be kind and courteous to others? Adam always tells me that I am "too nice" but really people! 

Today is also 9dp3dt. I've been having some cramping today and have been running to the bathroom's almost feels like I have a UTI but without the burning and urgency. I was also feeling quite queasy this morning while making breakfast but it was gone as quickly as it started. I'm not reading anything into any of this! 4 more days until beta. Hang on Janet...hang on.

Right now I feel a little like the Grinch but in the end he found his heart and his Christmas spirit. Maybe I'll be just like him and find mine soon. 

Grinch by Artzijen via Etsy

Have you found your Christmas Spirit?


  1. oh so hoping your christmas improves and that you get the best christmas present ever

  2. That's exactly how I was feeling 9dp3dt, and I'm at 9 weeks now :) Still looking good! Everything crossed :)


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