Did You Know?

That M&M's are named after the surnames of Forrest Mars, Sr., & Bruce Murrie of Hershey's? Did you also know that M&M's are what's considered a dragée? 

What's a dragée you may be asking yourself. A dragée is a bite-sized form of confectionery which can have another purpose (e.g. decorative, symbolic. medicinal, etc.) in addition to consumption purely for enjoyment. 

Did you also know that they now come in white chocolate??? My mouth watered just thinking about them and my wee little brain was a buzz with thoughts on where to buy them and how quickly I could consume a bag...and then...

I found out that they are only available in the US of A. 

I'm so very, very sad. 

Oh wee little white chocolate M&M...how I want to eat thee.


  1. I'd be happy to send them to you if you want. I haven't seen them but I also haven't looked. Let me know! Have you tried the coconut ones?

  2. My GF ordered a bag of fancy M&Ms for her wedding (very dragee) with the date and she and her husbands initials on them. One good size bag (probably about twice the movie size) cost her $350!!! It was pretty funny.

  3. I'm not an M&M fan. Prefer Smarties. ;) Though those coconut M&Ms sound intriguing!

  4. I'll see if I can find them here in Maryland. However, I need contact info for you to get them and your socks to you!!

  5. If you can't get them in Canada I have no hope in England. Boooo.

  6. Liz, Yes please! My old clinic was in an office complex and there was a little store that that sold them. That's the only place I've ever seen them though.

    Kanis, they are pretty yummy!

    Caitlin, Wowza...that's some expensive candy!

    Sean, Wish I was going to Kentucky!

    Kechara, Hi! You can email me at janetoffkilter@gmail.com. Please also send me your contact info!

    Em, but England has the best candy!!

    I did hear a rumour that they also have cherry M&M's *Gasp*


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