Thirty Six or Six?

It's been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that I have the eating habits of a child and I must admit that this is pretty much, mostly a little bit true. Admittedly, I did have a paper route when I was a kid just so I could use the money to ride my bike to the store to buy candy. I love to eat Lucky Charms for dinner when Adam isn't home. I always have an hidden stash of know, in case of emergency. I can't go to a movie without hittin up the over priced concession stand while also sneaking in my own treats. I have a drawer full of candy and treats in my desk at work and when my stock runs low, I get nervous. I've lied outright to a cashier while buying large amounts of candy that they were not for me but were for all for a kids birthday party that I was hosting, but wasn't. I should be ashamed of myself...but I'm not.

These are the three candies/treats that I've consumed in the past few days and for some sheets and giggles, I'd thought I'd share my thoughts on each.

Whoppers - If you’re supposed to taste like a milk fart, congrats. You nailed it. 

Grape Pop Rocks - They used to come in grape flavor, then they didn’t, and now they do again. Genius!

Sour Patch Kids - I generally don’t eat anything with such blatant ties to the doll industry, and usually do my best to steer clear of ingesting candy in the shape of a child. So, when I frantically gobble a whole bag of you in 45 seconds while waiting in line at Loblaw's - which I do with shameful frequency - I don’t feel particularly good physically or mentally. Taste, as it turns out, is far more powerful a motivator than morality, guilt, eyesight, health, self-esteem, reason or shame.

Nerds (Classic and Nerds Rope) - Great taste. Two huge strikes on size and shape though guys. Classic nerds are way too small. I want to enjoy some artificial sweetness, not pan for gold. My only other Nerds option is rope? ” I don’t like the idea that I could hang myself with candy. Here’s something delicious that can also be used as a lasso! You should have tried “Nerd Nuggets” or maybe “Nerd Tots” first.

What about you...what's your favourite candy or treat?

Candy Bar Sign by Merry Me Signs via Etsy


  1. I've been loving Skittles lately, so delicious. St. Patrick's Day also made me have to buy Lucky Charms. They were so good! When is your transfer?

  2. I don't like candy unless it has chocolate. Chocolate...chocolate with peanut butter...chocolate with coconut, etc etc etc

  3. i'd have to go with caramilk and juice berries. although my real weakness is chocolate chip cookies... those things don't stand a chance!

  4. M&M Blizzards from Dairy Queen. I've been craving one for 2 weeks now. I don't live very close to a DQ though, so I'll have to wait until this weekend when I visit my parents.

  5. Wow... never heard of those ! Don't think we have them here in Australia. I'm definitely a chocolate kind of girl :)) xoxo

  6. I like anything sour that makes my mouth pucker or anything with sherbet. Astro belts and fizzy laces. Do you get dip-dabs and sherbet fountains that side of the pond? Ooh and I love peanut M&Ms.

  7. NewYearMum - I could totally hook you up if you'd like :)

    EmHart - I'm with ya on the sour goodies!

    Mrs. F - I get the same thing every single time I go to DQ - starwberry banana milkshake...yum!

    Ashley - I'm with ya on the juice berrie and there's is nothing better than warm chocolate chip cookies!

    Chickenpig - I love me a Bounty bar!

    Liz - Have you tried the fizzy skittles? They are the bomb!

  8. And... you just made me reach into my desk drawer at 10:15am to break into a bag of gummy worms. Oh the humanity!


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