Musa Acuminata

I was working late last night and just happened to innocently wander over by the window and see my co-workers banana hanging out there all alone and victimish on his desk and I couldn’t help but think of a little trick I know of involving a toothpick and the skin of the banana.

Seriously, this is awesome and could, I repeat could be used by people with good intentions. Of course we’re talking about me here and since the road to hell is paved with the very best of them there intentions… let’s first talk about what you can do, and then of course what I did.

So the quick and easy, the short and nasty, the down and dirty, the low-low, fast and hard...toothpicks can be used to trace barely-visible messages into the peel of a banana that will not appear until a little while later when the peel browns in the scratched surface. Imagine the possibilities here...A good mom or wife could write “I love you” into a child’s/husband’s breakfast/lunch banana. A good Samaritan could even use this knowledge to write a nice note on a random banana for a stranger to discover later. Perhaps something like “you are beautiful” or “You look nice” These are things a good person could write.

But since I’m me, I decided it would be much funnier if my coworker walked in first thing in the morning to start his happy little work day off with this...

I know it was very juvenile of me...but it made me chuckle and trust me...I need the laughs!


  1. That is awesome! I will have to use that some time - definitely not with good intentions! ;-)


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