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I've been ranting for some time about infertility and life, and I figured that I should give you a wee bit of insight into who I am and the life I lead.

I work in the field of print and project management. I'm quite observant and like to sit back and watch life/people passing by. I can be somewhat obsessive compulsive. I’m not lining all of my pens and pencils up using a laser, they’re not alphabetized with their labels facing up but they are in rainbow order if I’m bored. I'm also a clean freak...I need a clean and tidy house. I tend to focus on and obsess over little things, like books I happen to be reading or a new hobby…and big things, like infertility and trying to make a baby. 

I bore easily when I’m not being challenged and I have a hard time interacting with people who are cruel, amoral, or useless. It deeply saddens me to see the effect that these cruel, amoral, and useless people have on the world … and it frustrates me to no end that I can do very little to combat it.

I love animals of almost all kinds but don't own any. Adam has a cat named Brick but we aren't friends, therefore Adam owns him...we don't own him. I'm not sure if spiders count, but they’re not on the Loved list…speaking of spiders, if you want to see me act like a scared little girl put a spider on or near my bed. Do not like. Do Not Like.

I get anxiety before social situations with people I don’t know…but once I’m in it I’m just fine and appear right at home. I’m funny, I think and also a little sarcastic (Adam does not love this about me I'm pretty sure). When I get really agitated and upset I make humorous and ridiculous metaphors or analogies, most of which makes no sense at all. 

I want desperately to do the right thing, but I fall short sometimes like anyone else. I believe in the power of choice, and taking responsibility for yourself.

So there’s your snapshot. I’m an open book if anyone has any questions or wants to hear about anything in particular.


  1. I like that you line things up in rainbow order. :) I always eat M&Ms in color order (they don't really have all the colors in the rainbow) and I tend to organize things and think about them in order of their color. I like to think that people like us that organize with color have unique, creative personalities. That's what I tell myself at any rate ;)

  2. I am a rainbow sorter too! I have a strange kind of OCD which only comes out in very specific things, for instance, when I raise the volume on the tv it has to be to an even number or a multiple of 5. Man that sounds crazy written down.

  3. EmHart - I do the exact same thing with the volume on the TV! I also can't get out of the car without the volume being set at 12. I definitely have some OCD!

    Chickenpig - I do the same with M&Ma as well :)

  4. I put things in color order too. It really bugs me when people mess the rainbow order up. I can't leave a number alone until it is even or a multiple of 5 either. It bugs me but I can't control it.


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