What's Zit All About

Yes, I am in my 30s. Yes I still get zits. I blame it on the copious amounts of hormones that I am currently taking in preparation for our (hopefully) embryo transfer.

For some reason they come in small colonies. Three or four at a time. Every time I break out, Junior High health class comes rushing back to me and I wonder: what did I eat? Too much chocolate? Pizza? Did I adequately wash my face after working out? (um, never. Cause I don't work out anymore) Thinking about Junior High reminds me of teenage acne, and then I don't feel so bad about my three or four zits. But, my hands start to itch and shake a bit. Want. To. Pick. Must. Refrain.

I am then mentally rushing back to a science class I had with the awesome although very odd, Mr. White. There is my teacher, telling some horrible story about a woman who popped a zit and then died. Something about how the pressure of her "popping" burst a blood vessel that went right to her brain and killed her. All I could think about was her poor obituary, and if I incorrectly pop a zit that mine would be a similarly tragic end.

Are you grossed out? Come on. Don't pretend you don't understand.

As if having a mini-not-quite-rash-but-perhaps-something-worse right between your eyebrows/on your chin isn't bad enough, someone inevitably feels the need to point it out. A lot of times it is my friend or co-worker who points in circular motion at your affected area while saying: "What's going on right there?"  - Hmmm...perhaps it's time to finds some new friends and perhaps a new job!

Like they don't know. This is what is referred to as Insult to Injury. Pouring salt on an open wound. Not only is it obvious that you have adult pimples in a colony on your face, but now you have to admit as much out loud. "Oh, that, well, I broke out." No shmee, Sherlock.

I've been tempted more often than I'd like to admit to do what a friend of mine did back in the day - cover them with brown eyeliner and call them beauty marks. Marilyn Monroe never had it so good.


  1. Ugh....I have it too, it's lovely. Although, I never had it as a teenager so am newly blessed! Yay!! Also no working out and nosy coworkers. One told me that I should really try this acne product she sells on the side....thanks. What happened to staring from a distance and then "saying what zit? Oh I totally never would have noticed if you didn't point it out."
    PS - good luck on upcoming FET - fingers crossed for you!

  2. No way, that story from you teacher CAN'T be true. Is that an urban myth? It sounds like one! Someone check out Snopes!

  3. Sorry you are dealing with this. I found a clearasil product that is colored like concealer. Maybe you could try that?

    Aren't your co-workers so kind and sensitive. I remember from middle and high school when people would comment I would introduce them to my new friend, always giving a new name. Humor does tend to make things less uncomfortable.

  4. I hate acne! And on top of it I got rosacea about 6 years ago, I couldn't stand it and decided to do a laser treatment, I did IPL and Aurora, both at the same time and it got rid of my rosacea AND acne until today's date, I am thrilled and always recommend it to everyone. If you can do it, go for it! I had tried every cream possible and had discarded everything good from my diet, chocolate, cheese, icecream, spicy foods, and nothing made a difference. I'm telling you, this lasers work like a miracle!!!

  5. Just stumbled upon your very humorous post! New follower to your blog. Nice to meet you. ;) Hope you stop by and say hello sometime.

  6. Ah....infertility. The gift that keeps on giving. When you're not breaking out and wanting to eat everything like a teenager, you're grumpy and having hot flashes like you're in your 50's. Joy!


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