It comes as no surprise when I tell you that the past few months of my life have been hard. Yesterday was an especially bad day. This morning I woke up determined to make myself smile and laugh. 

This has helped a little...

I think of all of the good friends around the world doing something silly to make a friend laugh during a difficult moment. I think about how many times people have snorted from laughter and how many times someone has laughed so hard they have peed or barfed, and how many people accidentally spit out their drink on someone while laughing, only to apologize while laughing and trying to wipe them clean. Or how many times someone has said, "Stopitstopitstopit! Don't make me laugh!" or just waved their hands in front of their face in an attempt to make the other person stop making them laugh. Or how many times someone has given them self away from laughing at a time they wished they hadn't, but just couldn't help it. I wonder for how many unique reasons have humans cried from happiness: 35? 65,000? I Imagine how enjoyable it would be to try to research that just from interviewing people and asking them to list the reasons they cried from laughing and then totalling it all up. That could be fun.

Laughter Reto Quote by Rock The Custard Prints via Etsy

What about you...what do you do to make yourself feel better?


  1. Since TCC I find my staple tv watching has to be 'How I Met Your Mother', 'Big Bang Theory', 'New Girl' and when we watch a film I find myself saying "Only if it will make me laugh". I also read favorite books from the past (ok kids books) like Harry Potter and The Hobbit etc.

  2. Hope you have a better day today! When I'm feeling horrible, I just try to pull myself out of it by remembering all of the good things I have in my life and reminding myself that this is all just part of the ebb and flow of life - they can't all be good days! Feel better.

  3. You're absolutely right. Laughter is the best medicine. I just found your blog and hope you're feeling cheerful soon. And in regards to your last post. If it was possible to die from popping zits, I'd be dead right now. Junior high gave me tons of experience.

  4. YouTUBE comes in handy! I find clips of my fav comedians like Jim Gaffigan or Brian regan and just laugh away....

  5. I love it!! So true :)

  6. reading this post made me happier:)

    and whoever said Big Bang Theory. That show is the BEST.


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