Here I am, minding my own business and enjoying my lollipop, when I start to think (never a good thing) ...

There’s stuff I have to do, isn’t there? Stuff that I have been avoiding because I was going through another cycle and to be honest, I was totally using that as an excuse/crutch to avoid doing things I should have been doing.

And there's the stuff I should have done a long time ago.


I keep hoping that if I forget about, hide from it, and don’t do any of it, it will somehow just take care of itself. This strategy rarely works. More often, the responsibilities will evolve into a Responsibility Monster with the unique capability to find me, even if I am hiding under my Protection Blanket.

The Responsibility Monster isn’t able to penetrate my Protection Blanket, but he can sit on me and slowly suffocate me, until there is nothing I can do but throw off the blanket and face him and all the responsibilities he’s made of. Usually the sheer amount terrifies me, and I find some other way to hide, making the situation worse. It’s a vicious cycle people.

Then there are people that have stabbed their Responsibility Monster with a Fiery Torch of Eternal Death a long time ago. I am amazed by these people. If you are one of them, you’re my hero. You’re awesome. I don’t know how you do it. I stand in awe with my mouth gaping open while the Responsibility Monster tries to eat my foot and you’re juggling your computer, a full plate of food while solving world hunger. 

Sandra the Monster by Timid Monsters by Etsy

Oh the irony of writing this post while I have actual responsibilities I should be working on!


  1. Right now I am supposed to be ringing landscapers to come and re-turf our lawn. I am reading blogs instead.

  2. Love your analogy... I can so relate to it right now :) Thinking of you xoxo


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