Just Not Feelin It

"is it Monday yet!? Mondays are my fav" - says no one, ever.

Being an adult is sometimes so bloody awful, especially so in the mornings. Maybe mornings are easier when you're Kate Middleton - or say - Kate Moss. I feel like such beautiful people get to wake up to gentle kisses, fresh daisies and a feeling of warmth which let's them know they're safe. My mornings consist of me being dunked in a vat of ugh. And being an adult, mornings and I do not go well together - kinda like hummus and chocolate.

This morning I'm just not feeling...anything...work, life, baby making. Being all grown up and responsible is stupid and annoying. I liked it better when I ate play-doh and played with mud. 

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Ack, I'm with you there sister.

  2. I agree - Mondays are the worst!

  3. I'm sure Monday's for Kate Middleton are not that bad!! Totally agree :)

  4. I prefer Mondays to Fridays these days, to be honest. Life was much easier when I was 6.

  5. Hope your day/week gets better... Mondays are the pits :( Thinking of you xoxo

  6. Looks like it's been a rough week thus far for many of us. I hope your week gets better.


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