In Which I Ask My First Question

As someone who sits around and daydreams about random things much of her life, I often wonder what other people spend their time doing. One of the things I have noticed at that people seem to be quite busy. I have stuff to do also although I often ignore that in order to do my favorite activity, which is undoubtedly wasting time, or daydreaming as it were.

Obviously, since this is my blog, you can see that I spend more than my fair share of time just talking about random and odd stuff. I have a vivid imagination and there’s nothing I enjoy more than silly conversations. When I once mentioned to Adam that our family seems to have an inordinate amount of crazy conversations on ridiculous topics, he said “I like that about our family!” Truly, so do I.

I have decided that every once in a while I’ll have a “random question” post. In this random question, I shall post the question and give my answer and I would love, love, love it if you would give your answer.

Why? I don’t know. Sounds fun and we can all get to know one another a little better.

So, with out further ado, here is my first question and answer?

Question - Have you ever eaten a crayon?

Answer - Well, I don’t actually remember eating a crayon but I was a little kid so it’s certainly possible. I will tell you that I definitely used to eat Play-Doh. I did! When I was little I thought it tasted yummy and I would eat it! I had pneumonia when I was six and I vividly remember being in the hospital playroom eating the green play-Doh that tasted like salt. I had to do it when my mom wasn’t around though because it really didn’t make her happy.

Mustache Ink Art by Alana In Love via Etsy


  1. I've never eaten a crayon, but I'm pretty sure I also tasted Play-doh (I mean, it looks like food, so of course I'm going to be tempted.) Yeah, it tasted like crap. :)

  2. I've never eaten a crayon! lol! I haven't tasted Play-doh either but I used to drink my baby cologne, I think I was an alcoholic in my previous life, lol.

  3. No crayon for me but I did go through a dog treat phase.

  4. No play doh or crayons for me either. That I remember. I did stick a jelly ring up my nose once. It's a long story. Feel bad for my parents.

  5. I am pretty sure I never ate a crayon. My friend Abbi and I used to strip starkers and paint ourselves (and each other) all over on the back lawn and its very possible that included eating paint, or at the very least painting our tongues in the interest of thoroughness. There are photos too, although nudity seems to be a theme in photos of my first six of so years of life. My dam hippy parents.

  6. I have never eaten a crayon - thank god - but i'm sure if i would have tried one it woulda been the purple one - not the black purple - just simply purple

  7. I never ate any crayons, but I must toot my own horn here because there is rarely an opportunity to bring this up in casual conversation. I once named a Crayola Crayon. Pacific Blue. Look it up.

    Also, I loved to nibble on play dough as a kid, only the homemade kind that was super salty. I do have my standards!


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