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Well the sun has risen and set on this glorious New Year, again filled with possibilities. What will I achieve with the next 365 days?

I believe the New Year is not a force by itself. It is a catalyst and we ourselves apply the force. For better or for the same as last year we drive the change in our lives. Look for what you want, not what you want to be free of. Help yourself, don’t rely on other people or a mystical force to do it all for you, yet be open to perceptions that may guide you.

As I did last year I intend to start the year with a series of goals in mind. Some goals that I made this time last year, I met...others I did not but you know what? That's okay. I've learned that beating myself up over not meeting my own personal expectations does me no good at all. I am going to train myself to be better at letting things go. I hold on to feelings, thoughts and possessions that no longer serve me as I am now. This year I will learn to effectively release these things back into the world with joy and love. Allowing the possessions to simply leave and be used again if possible but to depart regardless of their destination. I will endeavor to enter each new day free of any influences that may lead me to prejudge what is to come.

Here's a sampling...

I would like to attain more balance in my life. Balance between work and life, balance between physical and spiritual, balance between what I would like for me and what I do for others. Balance is another key to maintaining the wonderful positive outlook I have tried to adopt and nurture. Again I have many wonderful friends that help mirror this back to me and those that don’t yet mirror it can only continue to see the example I set.

I will nurture my courage. The courage to do things rather than avoid them. To take the path I would like to take rather than opt for the easy option. I did this last night by going to a friends house to welcome in the new year rather than simply stay at home where I had already nested for the evening and even though I left said evening feeling hurt and frustrated by a strangers words in regards to the quest for baby JaAdam (more on this later) I am glad we went.

Come on 2013. I'm ready for ya. Bring it on!


  1. Balance is an ongoing goal for me. I should say, for me AND for my husband. Ha. But I think that it will probably be an ongoing goal. By nature of being "balance" you need to constantly rebalance your life to adjust to new pressures and changes.

    Good luck to both of us, I guess!


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