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I went for a walk last night to try and clear my head and relax a little (lately this has been so very, very hard to do) and I discovered something about myself that I believe I've always known but perhaps never wanted to admit...

I like to look in other people’s windows.

Not in a creepy way. I don’t stand outside all night long with binoculars. When I see a light on and the shades drawn, I keep walking (slowly). But I cast one long hard stare as I'm passing, memorizing every detail that I can.

I file it all away in my memory bank, building an archive of the way others live. Is that gentleman on the phone with his mother? His mistress? Probably his mistress. Is the blond yogi cooking tofu again tonight? Mrs. Blueroom is dating someone new, I see.

I also like to mentally rate each visible room’s decor. Bad red leather couch, Old Man with Walker playing piano. Little lady on Medhurst could benefit from an area rug. If the resident of house number 554 on the street around the corner is reading this...perhaps you’d like to consider reupholstry and curtains as well as wearing pants.

Mostly, I love discovering what others are watching on TV. I'm informally building my own little Neilson research study. So far, my extensive research taking into account over 6 homes in my neighbourhood...reveals that Canadians love the History Channel and hockey. 
If only HGTV became the most popular channel, I’d have a much more esthetically pleasing walk home.

La Fenetre Rouge by BLB Photografia via Etsy


  1. Love this! I used to do this when walking with my Mom - we'd randomly slow down to check out houses and check the score of the Red Sox games.

  2. Hahahaha! You are so funny. I love looking in other people's windows during Christmas time to see how they do their indoor decorations.

  3. My husband and I like to walk our dog through the Canals by our house (a historic district right off of the ocean). People who live on the Canals have beautiful homes and they know it. In fact, their homes are designed more like art galleries for the passersby. Some have entire walls of glass that open up lanai-style to the outdoors. So, at night, when we walk by with our glass of wine (hey, that's what walking the canals is all about!), we can look right in. I always wonder how people manage to live in such beautiful perfection. I love their bright red tea kettle and gorgeous art work and perfectly posed pooch, but where is the detritus of life??


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