Que Sera, Sera

Over the last year, I have periodically come across the "Sperm Meets Egg Plan" as a method of getting pregnant. We now know that my tubes were blocked so "Sperm Meets Egg Plan" was never an option. IVF was our only shot at conceiving baby JaAdam. That was until...we changed clinics, lost our last two embryos in shipping and began to take a much closer look at things. It's amazing how a fresh set of eyes can change everything. After some additional testing it was decided that surgery to open my tubes was our best chance at getting pregnant so November 1st 2012, I had said surgery that resulted in two beautifully open tubes!

Now making that baby was up to Adam and I alone. This was both exciting and scary. For months every cycle, every try had been timed and managed down to the smallest detail. We had the okay to start trying in December and we did but not all that faithfully. You see...I was terrified of a repeat of last Christmas. You know the one. The one where we found out I was pregnant after FET #2 on the 21st and found out the morning of the 24th that I was going to miscarry. It was a Christmas that I'd never, ever care to repeat.

That brings us to this month. The month to seriously give this "Sperm Meets Egg Plan" a go.

Here's the low-down ...It is a combination of doing the deed every other day and using ovulation predictor tests. Each time I have come across it, there is always the short plan and long version. Here's the gist...

  • "Try" every other night starting Day 8
  • Buy 10 ovulation predictor kit sticks Begin ovulation testing on Day 10
  • When test is positive, "try" that night, plus two additional nights in a row Skip one night, then do one last "try"
  • Take a home pregnancy test 15 days after your ovulation test was positive, if your period has not begun.
  • If your ovulation test never goes positive, continue "trying" every other night until Day 35, then do a pregnancy test if your period has not begun.

Cycle day 14 I had a positive opk. We've followed the plan to a tee and here I am 2dpo. 

What will be, will be and I've accepted that I have no control over the outcome and you know what? For the first time in a long time...I'm at peace with this.


  1. That sounds like a great plan Janet. Infact I am going to follow your plan this month :)

  2. "I've accepted that I have no control over the outcome." Good for you. You've done all you can do. Now we just....wait. And maybe, take up a hobby....like knitting??

  3. I wish that I could try the sperm meets egg plan :) Well, actually we do, but it has a cold chance in Hell of working.

    I've got everything crossed for you. I hope that you don't get a chance to practice this routine very much.

  4. Janet did you ever get any kind of reimbursement for the lost embryos? I can't even imagine that happening. Just shocked.

    1. Hey Toni...we did not. After much consideration and reviewing everything we decided not to press the matter with either clinic or the shipper. It would likely have been very expensive, drawn out and emotionally exhausting. In order to be able to move on we thought it best to cut our losses and move on. I was fearful that if we pushed the matter it had the potential to destroy us emotionally. It was a tough choice for sure!

  5. Hello, new reader here. Good luck on your plan! Its refreshing I am sure not to have to do IVF right now and take a step back to timed intercourse. I am also so sorry to hear about your lost shipment, I cant imagine!

  6. I'm feeling the same way right now and was just about to blog about it. :) Sending you more peace with a sprinkle of good luck.

  7. Good luck Janet! Ooh trying au natural....I forgot all about it....how wonderful would it be to get there on your own!!!


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