Funny Face Friday

I may be broken. I may be sad. But...I can still manage a smile or two  for Funny Face Friday! Please try your best to ignore the "Eye of Sauron" My's not very nice to look at I know. I'd like to send a huge thank you to Alexis from Our Journey Through This Lovely Life for the amazeballs mustache! Alexis sent me the best package of treats and I'm grateful for her friendship. Alexis is also going though a chemical pregnancy so please head on over and send her some love. 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ahhh! I LOVE the Mustaches! Soo cute! :)
    Have a Good Weekend! Thinking of you :)

  2. I love that your mustache matches your shirt. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Sorry to hear how tough life has been treating you :( It's about time the universe throws you a bone. Hang in there!!

  4. Dangit, Janet! I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through- thinking of you and send you lots of hope when your ready to try again!


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