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Let me ask you something...when you email people, do you use curse words in your writing? Weird question, I know, but a hilarious (maybe only to me) survey was recently conducted by an email aggregate, and turns out...lots of people swear in their emails. And, taking things a step further, said aggregate, clearly never ones to shirk their duties as "researchers", discovered which curse words were the most popular in email in 2012. 

Ready to find out?

The most frequently emailed curse word is shit. I want to say I'm surprised, but, really, I'm not. Shit's just one of those words people use completely haphazardly, whereas the second most emailed word - f*#k - takes a nanosecond of premeditation to use and, more so, to type. Shit accounted for 41 percent of all emailed cuss words in 2012, whereas f*#k accounted for 37. Damn came in third at 15 percent, while bitch only made up 6 percent of swear words.

They also found that the most popular emoticon of 2012 was the smiley face.

But this one ~  :)
Not this one ~  :-)  
which came in second. 
And the wink face - ;) 
it came in third. 

Oh, and dogs were the most popular animal mentioned in emails as well. Why these guys aren't working on the CERN supercollider is beyond me.

But back to cursing in emails. What are your thoughts on it? For me, I'm mixed. I rarely, almost never, okay fine, maybe once cursed in a work email. And in personal emails, it depends. If it's a group email between friends, yeah, sure, I'll drop an f-bomb in there, but if it's someone I just met, I probably wouldn't...where I would maybe curse in front of them, depending on the situation. It just seems so much more ...vulgar when typed. Like, you have to take the time to spell it out and whatnot.

All this said, though, I'm not gonna lie...I love curse words. I know it's a filthy habit, but one I have a hard time kicking. They make me laugh, and sometimes they're the only way to really be emphatic about something, you know?

So, yeah. I really don't know what else to say about this. I like cursing. Pretty cut and dried. Oh, I guess here's something to add...Have an awesome fracking day! Peace!

Do you curse in emails?

Beautiful Swear Words via Onelargeprawn
P.S. Today is 9dpo 


  1. I do curse in real life conversation, but I don't think I have in an email? Weird.

  2. Depends on who I am talking to and what we are talking about! This is funny though because this past weekend I was on a road trip with my mom and my aunt and by the time we were on our way home they were making me pay a quarter into the swear jar they made up!
    True story, I have the mouth of a sailor :-/

  3. If someone curses in an email to me, I'll feel comfortable cursing...person to person only. The same goes for blogs. If a blogger curses I may curse in a comment, otherwise, it is better not to. Professional emails should not have cursing, IMHO.

  4. Depends. If it's a casual email and it's someone I'd typically curse around, hell yeah. :) I write like I talk, though, and let's face it - I've a bit of a potty mouth.

    Never in a professional email, though. Good Lord!


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