Will You Be My Duncan Hines Buddy?

Really? A dessert post? How lame am I? Wait...don't answer any of those questions.

I figured that after the last few gloomy posts...I needed a rainbow and lollipops kinda post to lighten things up and hey...perhaps the couple of peoples that took the time out of their very busy schedules to send me an unkind message and then promptly leave my blog will feel better. I mean...it's not healthy to hang onto that kind of anger man and desserts makes everyone feel better. Don't they?

Anywho...I have to confess something. I think I am addicted to brownies. Seriously! I've eaten so many variations of this silly dessert that it's a borderline obsession. Because I am a girl obsessed and I just can't leave them alone, I started stalking the Duncan Hines website. It's becoming a problem. But anyway...imagine my delight when I discovered that Duncan makes...

Caramel Turtle brownies
Chocolate marble swirl brownies
Chocolate peanut butter browines....
the list goes on! 

I was already drooling when I hit up the cakes and icing page. Oh, I should have turned away then but the eye of Sauron sighted the words....coconut supreme cake, banana supreme cake and then coconut pecan icing. I was practically leaping out of my seat with excitement. 

and then....

my dessert crazy brain thought "hmmmm...why haven't I seen these? Surely Galen Weston Jr. knows how much his loyal Loblaw's consumers love desserts" and then the horror of realization hit me...it's because they don't sell them in Canada!!! 

So my question is this...who would like to be my Duncan Hines buddy? You send me sweet USA only dessert treats and I send you some lovely Canadian treats and maple syrup.  

P.S. I'm aware that this posts makes me seem totally lame and desperate ..but that's okay...I already knew this about myself!


  1. I will definitely send you some brownies! Just let me know what kinds you'd like. :)

  2. Your post today made me smile (really big)!

  3. Sounds like you got your buddy, but in the meantime, you might want to try this recipe:


    I did and almost died.

  4. I love maple syrup :) If you need more than one buddy, I'm in!


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