Adoption...The Cat Kind

In November, Adam's cat Brick died at 14. It was sad. We miss him. I did not however think that we were ready for another cat just yet...until...going back to work after the holidays and coming home to an empty house every evening. It was time. 

We had been on the lookout for someone giving kittens away and this proved much more difficult that I expected and I also was increasingly unhappy with the vibe that we were getting from these ads/people. So...we decided to go and "visit" the Ottawa Humane Society. The important word here is "visit" I in no way intended to adopt then and there, much less a cat and not a kitten. 

The Ottawa Humane Society to put it quite amazing. We were very impressed by the calibre of people working there and the level of care that they provide. Ottawa is lucky to have them and I can't say enough good things about them! Please go visit their website. You too will be impressed.

Long story short...last night we brought home a beautiful 2 year old, tiny little girl that we named Catalina. 

Do you have pets?


  1. I think it is awesome that you adopted from the Humane Society. Your new kitty Catalina looks just like our Max!

    I have (3) dogs:

    Chocolate Lab- Boomer
    Lab/Pit- Porter
    Shetland Sheepdog- Izzy
    Orange kitty- Max
    Grey Tabby- Lilly
    (2) outside strays we feed, Irma and Chester

  2. I love her, she is beautiful.

    You know all about my collie I think. She rocks my world, gorgeous girl that she is.

  3. So pretty! We have two cats, 11 year old Lucy and 9 year old Frankie.

  4. Oh she is so pretty! Congratulations on the new addition. I am a big proponent of adopting adult animals as they are so often overlooked by others. Two is a WONDERFUL cat age - still spunky and fun but not as destructive and high-maintenance as a kitten. We have four cats at our home - mine was an adult rescue from an abusive past. The husband adopted his before we met as kittens. All came from non profit shelters.

  5. Awww! She is adorable! We have a pup named Waffles and a bearded dragon named Llyod Banks...I bought him for Scott when we first started dating, thinking they had the life span of say..a gold fish.. until one day at the pet store I noticed the sticker on the bearded dragon tank said "life expectancy: 12 years" Fme. guess llyod banks has a few more years in our family! :D

  6. Awwww!!! Catalina is precious!! That is so great that you adopted, so many little ones out there in need for families. I can't wait to move to a bigger place and adopt 2 more doggies :)

  7. Congrats to you!! Pretty kitty! So happy y'all decided to adopt:) enjoy you new family member!

  8. Love the name Catalina :) We have a German Shepherd named Monte and a kitty named Indiana.

  9. I do have pets, as a matter of fact. We used to have two dogs and three cats. Both of our dogs passed away the summer before we bought this house, our oldest cat passed away a year ago, one disappeared, and the last survivor is still hanging around killing mice. We have a pet rabbit that ran onto our lawn, and two parakeets. What I really, really want is another dog.

    I love your cat, and Catalina is a beautiful name. Our cat is Kronar the Destroyer.

  10. Congratulations! She looks like a sweetie. :) We have two cats, Zeus and Ukko. They are my world.

  11. She is really pretty!

    I have a dog, who is a rescue. She's a handful and a half, but I'm convinced that she loves us that much more because she know's she was rescued.


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