Drowning In A Sea Of Love

Have you ever dived head first off a cliff? Taken the plunge with full faith, in full flight, off a towering, rock encrusted precipice, hoping - trusting - that the warm, lapping ocean below will receive you and absorb you into it’s watery embrace...before transporting you weightlessly across the Sea of Love?

It seems like madness, of course, diving from a cliff top with no guarantee of anything to break the fall (other than potentially rocky crags). It’s something we’d never contemplate with a rational mind. Yet love, with her coiling tendrils, has a way of entwining herself gently around our otherwise completely sensible minds, stitching up neurological pathways while infusing her seductive hormonal cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine – altering brain chemistry - until she has such a firm grip on the so-called rational mind that she’s then able to effortlessly pop it out like a coconut, leaving nothing but an empty, furry husk.

After all, what place do logic and practicalities have when it comes to the utterly irrational cosmic phenomenon of falling in love?

And by the time we realise, it’s always too late. We gain semi-lucid consciousness one day only to find ourselves in so deep that we’re drowning, blissfully, in a deliciously frothy swell of hopes, dreams and expectations...the rough sketches of a joined future mapped out, with total disregard for coastlines and hidden reefs while safe, dry land seems to be drifting further and further away into the distance, too far to swim to…even if we still had the inkling to do so.

I've been drowning in the Sea of Love. I'm intoxicated on salt water...tickled by the chop. This last year of my life has been crazy, chaotic and filled with such stress but at the end of the day when I arrive home I always have Adam there to embrace and love me.

Even after all these years together....I still feel like I am drowning in a sea of love. I can't wait to share this love with a wee baby JaAdam.

It's Adam's 36th Birthday. Let's all wish him a Happy Happy Birthday!
I love you Adam.


  1. Happy Birthday Adam!!!! Hope this year has many special things in store for you (both) of you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! May this year bring you even more love and happy surprises!

  3. What a lovely tribute. Happy birthday Adam!


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