Funny Face Friday

I wish that I was in Hawaii instead of the land of snow and ice! Have you ever been to Hawaii?


  1. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. Maybe we can fit it in on within the next ten years. We are already booked up :)

  2. Love this!! We are supposed to going to Hawaii in March for J's job. One week for work and one week for vacation...really hope it happens!

  3. I recently went to Maui. I got talked into it. I've never actually wanted to go to Maui/Hawaii because I never wanted to waste a trip to somewhere that's technically in the U.S. and they speak English. My husband calls me a culture snob (i.e., I have to go somewhere foreign and different in order to like it), but then we went to Maui. I couldn't help but absolutely love it. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And what was I thinking about too-Americanized? Yeah right.


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