Every once in awhile I'll take a peek at how people are being directed to my blog and usually I see what I expect. There are usually words/terms that you would expect if someone searches for IVF or infertility. One from this morning though got me going "huh". It appears that someone was directed to my blog by searching "Can pregnant women eat Singapore Mei Fun"

I had no idea what that was so I turned to the all knowing Google to educate me. 
Turns out that it's a very yummy looking dish chalk full of shrimp, bean sprouts
and noodles. Yummm...if I didn't have an anaphylactic allergy to shellfish, I'm sure 
I would try it. It puzzles me though how that search term would have led someone
to this blog. 

Things that make you go huh?


  1. omg that is so weird!! that dish does sound good though! lol!

  2. Maybe it is because I wrote in your comments that I can't eat Singapore Mei Fun anymore? That is weird!

    I craved the stuff when I was pregnant last time because I wanted spicy, and the noodles were easy on the stomach and the nose. I can't look at the stuff now. And I'm sure you'll never try it, unless you have a death wish ;)

  3. LOL...that must be it! Too funny!
    Death by food...I think I'll pass :)


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