Two, Ten & Fifteen

Two - This is today's Beta HCG result.
Ten - This is the number of cells that frozen embryo number five has.
Fifteen - This is the number of cells that frozen embryo number six has. The last one.  

I am not afraid to admit that when we started this journey, got through retrieval and ended up with six frozen embryos in addition to the two fresh we transferred...I felt like we had hit the jackpot! seemed like such a great number. Surely we wouldn't need all six to get pregnant and have a baby. I was on top of the world. I was naive. I was a silly girl that didn't know any better.

That was then and this is now.

Two - we have two embryos left on ice. 
Two - it seems like such a small and lonely number now.


  1. Agreed. But it is better than zero, which is how many I had to freeze last cycle :(

    Don't give up hope. I only had two frozen embryos to transfer when I got pregnant with my twins, one had 4 cells, the other 6, and they obviously both turned into babies.

    Best of luck this cycle. Any ideas on when you will be doing your transfer?

  2. I agree 2 is good! keep your thoughts positive!
    Sending you lots of luck!


  3. I'll be thinking positive thoughts that those final two are the two that make all the difference!

  4. It may seem like a lonely number but when u get pg it wonT matter. It ain't till it's over

  5. I always thought 2 was a lucky number. Good luck on this cycle!

  6. I am incredibly grateful that we are lucky enough to even be in the position that we are in and please know that I am very thankful for the two that we have left. These will be my lucky two!!


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