Black Hole

The black hole in my house is expanding. Not only have I lost my memory card and my extra pair of glasses, but the wooden buttons that I bought to sew on a sweater are missing now. Add those to at least 3 socks, a little green button I've been meaning to sew on an old comfy sweater, my French book (in case I ever decide to go back to night classes...I'll need it), half a package of cookies, one of my favourite earrings, a flower charm from my bracelet, my pizza cutter (not Adam's little wee pizza cutter but MY big bad pizza cutter), about half a dozen Tupperware lids, 3 tubes of chapstick, a brush from the downstairs bathroom and 3/4 of my memory. 

Seriously, where does this stuff go? It's not like my house is so big that stuff could get lost in one of many rooms. Why can't I find these things? I'd love for someone to come up with small, inexpensive homing devices that could be placed on your items. I would certainly put one on my car keys, my camera, my glasses (you know, my extra pair that I'll need when I lose my current pair), the brush (that thing always disappears!), my cell get the idea.

How does stuff like this disappear? I'm left wondering if burglars break into my house and decide they just can't live without a French book or a green button. Where does everything go???

P.S. I may know where the half a package of cookies went. Shhhh.

Supermassive Black Hole Print by Deep Space Photography via Etsy


  1. If you find out where the stuff goes, please let me know.


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