I stopped at Walmart last night. It was on my way home from work, I needed toilet paper and cleaning supplies (and perhaps candy & lots of it) so I decided, instead of driving out of the way to my beloved Loblaw's, to stop at Walmart to see what the new SuperCenter had to offer. As I walked in, a Walmart employee started to say, “Welcome” to me, but coughed instead. Actually, coughed isn't quite the word for it. It was kind of like a, “Welcome to Walcough cough hack hack aaaaaggghhhh hack cough.” And then his lung fell out at my feet. Without missing a beat (because I am so much cooler than your average Walmart shopper), I carefully maneuvered my cart around his lung and went about my shopping while Typhoid Merl spread his disease.
As I pushed my cart down the aisles, I noted the many interesting folks shopping there. I do enjoy me some good ol' people watching.
I noticed a couple teens wearing their jeans around about their knees. I know this is fashionable in teen world, but when the temperature is freezing every stinkin’ day (cause it's winter), why on earth would any sane person wake up, put on pants and then decide that it's a good idea to then pull those pants halfway down and tighten your belt around your knees? Why?!
I saw an old man who looked like Colonel Sanders. He smiled at me, I smiled back.  
And then I saw the most priceless outfit of all. A woman, easily in her 70s wore her long gray hair, braided and twisted into a lovely grandmotherly-looking bun. She wore sensible, orthopaedic shoes. And she wore fleece pajama bottoms with cute little penguins on them with a too short sweater, leaving a good portion of her abdomen, bare. So Attractive. She smiled at me, I smiled back. 
After paying for my purchases, I walked out to my car, loaded the bags into the back, and sat down in the driver’s seat. As I pulled my seat belt across my lap, I realized my pants were unzipped. Yep, I just walked around Walmart making fun of people and the whole time my fly was down. Now that’s class.
The moral of the story is: Make sure your pants are zipped before you make fun of the characters at Walmart or you might find them smiling at you as you smile at them. What goes around, comes around!

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  1. Haha! Sounds like something that would happen to me! glad you are keeping your sense of humor throughout all this.

  2. That is just too funny! You just made my day! No wonder the old man smiled at you.

  3. snicker snicker. :) This post made my day. Not because your fly was down...just funny.

  4. Bahahaha !! Too funny ! Thanks for that Janet, hope to see you soon. V.xoxo

  5. Hahahahaha! That's awesome. Check this out:


  6. I never admit to shopping at Walmart. I find the people WAY too big ... like NFL football players on stretch pants


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