Survival Kit

I'm sure we all have them...a winter survival kit in the trunk of your car for that just in case moment. This got me to thinking (usually never a good thing...just ask Adam) What would I include in a 'BFN Survival Kit' or perhaps a 'Chemical Pregnancy Survival Kit'.
For example, the Survival Kit could include some of the following:
- One bottle (or two bottles) of the best wine around. Decadent, expensive wine because "frack that, this infertility crap just cost me an arm and a leg and I deserve to drink good damn wine".
- One platter of sushi, because you just spent the last month not eating it, just in case.
- One sinfully huge box of chocolates. NOT FOR SHARING.
- A very large mug of heavily caffeinated coffee.
- One large bag of chips (MSG and preservatives a bonus). With or without dip.
- A box of tissues. The ones with the lotion.
- A voucher for a massage.
- DVD’s to watch while drinking the wine and eating the chocolate. Neither of them have any children or pregnant women in them, at all.
- A bottle of pain pills – a few for the period pains (oh thank you for the reminder) and  a few for the morning after the bottle of wine.
- Sleeping pills so that you can go to sleep and not have to think about the thousands you’ve flushed down the down the drain in the past 6 months.

What have I forgotten? What would you include?

I'm not going to lie...the past few days have been tough...very, very tough but I'm strong. I won't let this chemical pregnancy get me down, I will succeed. I will conquer this and I will achieve my dream. Screw you infertility, I’ll beat you. You watch!


  1. Suck it, infertility!!!

    I need some chocolate in my kit, and giant industrial strength maxi pads. And a heating pad for the cramps. Or maybe that is just for the BFN plus kit, for 'chemical pregnancies and beyond' ?

    I would put sushi in my kit if I could eat it. For every pregnancy I've had, good, bad, and ugly, I've lost a food. Since I had my daughter I can't tolerate the texture of raw fish anymore. This pregnancy-that-couldn't-cut-it cost me Singapore mei fun.

  2. I would include a voucher to a beauty salon to get a lovely hair cut or a massage or something decadent and completely indulgent.


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