I'm finding it really hard to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time lately. I start something and then five minutes later I find myself moving on to something else and five minutes after that...well you get the point. So I’m falling behind on everything. Work. Housework. Although, to be fair, I'm always falling behind on the housework, mostly because I hate doing it so much. Don't get me wrong, I am a neat freak and I like a clean house and I have a clean house...I  just don't like the actual doing the housework part.

I keep dreaming of one day having a maid which leads me to dreaming of having enough money to employ a maid which then leads to me dreaming that hey, if I've got enough money to hire a maid I must have enough money to do actual fun stuff. Like pay someone to shave my legs and hire a circus trainer with a pack of lions who would then come put on a show on my front lawn. Because who doesn't want a herd of dancing lions to call their own? All of which leads to more day dreaming and less actual house cleaning and well, I've gone full circle and it’s all my imaginary maid’s fault. Which is why even if I had money to hire a maid I’d likely not do it. Because I’d never get anything done. And I’d probably end up with a metric tonne of lion poop on my grass and what exactly does one need that much fertilizer for? On second thought...I'm sure that Adam would use that for this years garden. Perhaps I'm on to something here.

Little Pink Dream by JM Barclay via Etsy


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