Things I'm Terrible At

There are a number of things I'm terrible at. Doing anything crafty tops the list, followed by walking in high heels, cooking and anything requiring opposable thumbs.

The other thing that I am terrible at is telling jokes. I heard a great joke the other day from a friend and I wanted to share and pass along said funny joke because I was on a mission to spread laughter and joy! 

My mission was a complete failure. Why did it fail? It failed because I suck at telling jokes and what ends up happening is that my attempt at telling a the joke.

Here is a list of things that can go wrong:
  1. I move my lips while I rehearse the joke.
  2. I start with the punchline, but don’t realize this until the end.
  3. When I notice my audience is engaged, I take creative liberty and add my own flair. As always, I go too far.
  4. I rush it.
  5. I go too slowly.
  6. I forget it.
  7. I remember it, in the wrong order.
  8. I do weird body movements, such as rocking forward or looking off to one side.
I am the destroyer of jokes and I should be ashamed of myself. 

Funny Nose & Glasses by Vicky Day via Etsy


  1. haha! I can't tell jokes to save my life either!

  2. You crack me up... good joke teller or not!

  3. Your blog always makes me laugh, does that count??? Now I'm trying to picture you telling a joke, and it is pretty darn funny :)


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