I Missed It

Happy Chinese New Year! 

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon.  Did you know that last year was the Year of the Rabbit?

I didn't know that last year was MY year...I missed MY year. How did I miss MY year? Truth be told, I would like to forget about last year but before forgetting forever, I took a look back at what last year was going to have in store for me according to the Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit...

"For those who are born under this zodiac (that's me, good ol' 1975), things may not be very rosy, as evil stars can cause much obstacles in your life in 2011. Although this may be your year, your wealth luck is not strong. Do not get into arguments (oops, didn't heed this advice), drive safely (or this one), manage your finances well (gave it all away to my fertility clinic), avoid risks in all fronts, curb your anger (oops...I think I failed at this one too) and be more considerate towards your loved ones (I tried, I really did). Make new friends (blogging has allowed new friends to come into my life), focus your thoughts, and be prepared for all impediments in your path (three IVF failures I'm sure can be considered impediments). But do not despair, there will be spikes in your luck from time to time. (If there were spikes, I sure didn't notice them)."

Looking back...perhaps it was a good think I didn't know it was MY year.

Let's hope the mighty Dragon will be kind to the little Rabbit this year. 

2012 Year of the Dragon print by Dahlia Press Shop via Etsy


  1. It doesn't sound like you missed it. It sounds like it smacked you full on the head :)

    What does it say this year brings for you??

  2. LOL...I guess it did smack me full on! I haven't look at what this year has in store for me...I'm afraid!


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